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Ark Capital

Your Questions Answered

As part of our commitment to focusing on the UK market, we are transitioning our international advisory services to Ark Capital, a highly respected French firm. This shift in our approach allows us to enhance our services and better cater to the unique needs of our clients. To support you with this transition, we have compiled frequently asked questions below. 

Will my charges increase? 

No, this will not affect the charges previously quoted to you. 

Your initial fees previously agreed with Reeves Global will remain in place and no additional charges will be payable.  

Will my advice change from my previous recommendation?

No, all advice remains the most suitable solution for you and Ark will continue to see this through any recommendation made but not yet complete.  

Who are Ark Capital?

Ark Capital are an international IFA based in Paris France. They are regulated in a number of different jurisdictions and have all of the experience and knowledge to deal with any of your advice needs.

What will happen with my existing accounts?

Once the relevant documents and introductions have taken place, Ark capital will take over servicing rights of your existing policy and transactions and will they continue to provide your ongoing service and action the completion of your transactions. 

What will happen to my in-progress transfer?

Ark capital will take other this transaction and complete this as Reeves would have. This will not affect your advice or transfer at any point. 

If you have not done so already, please click the button below to schedule a call with your current and new financial advisers. 

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